create, manage, and upload track hubs for use in the UCSC genome browser
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trackhub is a Python package for handling the creation and uploading of track hubs for the UCSC Genome Browser (see for more info)

Some reasons for using trackhub to manage your track hubs:

  • filename handling: automatic (yet still completely configurable, if needed) handling of filenames and directory structure
  • uploading: upload a full hub -- hub/genomes/trackdb files, plus all data files (bam/bigWig/bigBed) -- via rsync over ssh
  • validation: mechanisms for handling validation of parameters so errors are [hopefully] caught prior to uploading
  • rapid deployment: mapping local filenames to remote filenames on the host enables rapid updating of the hub with new or updated data (e.g., when analysis parameters change)
  • flexibility: support for simple hubs up through complex composite hubs with views and subtracks
  • extensible: provides a framework for working with hub components, allowing new functionality to be easily added

Full documentation, including a full in-depth tutorial, can be found at

Note: trackhub is still under active development and should be considered an alpha version. Please open an issue on github ( if you run into problems.

Copyright 2012 Ryan Dale; BSD 2-clause license.