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a container to convert swf files to mp4 (video)
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swf to mp4

This is a tiny Docker container to convert an old compressed flash (swf) to mp4. To build, you can do the following:

docker build -t vanessa/convert-swf .

And then to run, the container expects an input swf file as first argument, and will generate an mp4 file named equivalently with a different extension. We do everything in a /data directory that we map on the host.

docker run -v ${PWD}/:/data vanessa/convert-swf filename.swf

If you have a folder of old swf, here is how you might convert them!

for swfile in $(ls *.swf)
    echo "Converting $swfile!"
    docker run -v $PWD:/data vanessa/convert-swf /data/$swfile

Happy converting!

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