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# Each entity has YAML front matter describing the dataset properties.
# The available fields are:
- name: title
description: The entity full name, different from the identifier in that it can have spaces.
required: true
- name: dataset-id
description: A short identifier for the dataset, no spaces or special characters other than -
required: true
- name: type
description: One of entity, image, or text
required: true
# Optional fields
- name: hidden
description: Whether to include (publish) the dataset.
required: false
- name: license
description: The URL to the license for the dataset, if one exists
required: false
- name: description
description: A human-readable description of the dataset
required: false
- name: note
description: Any additional notes about the dataset
required: false
# For Datasets
- name: includes
description: Bulleted list of included data types, images and/or texts
required: false
# For images and texts
- name: texts
description: Bulleted list of texts included in "texts" subfolder
required: false
- name: images
description: Bulleted list of images included in "images" subfolder
required: false
# For single image or text
- name: files
description: The file(s) associated with the image-id. More than one file may be appropriate for a series.
required: false
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