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Gil Eats


What does Gil eat, and where does he get it from? The question of ages! I have a lot of fun getting him food, and he has a lot of fun eating it, and given that this trend will likely continue for many years, I wanted a way to keep a proper log of this data. I wanted pictures, locations, and reviews or descriptions. Thus, I wanted to create a simple database and visualization toward this goal. Specifically, I wanted the following:

  • Gil can take a picture of his dinner, and upload it with some comments or review.
  • The data (images and comments) are stored in a web-accessible location, in an organized fashion, making them immediately available for further (future!) analysis.
  • The entire application is served statically, and the goal achieved with simple technology available to everyone (a.k.a, no paying for an instance on AWS).

The Interface

The most appropriate visualization for this goal is a map. Likely we won't be encumbered with data anytime soon (even a few thousand records isn't too many to retrieve for one go) so to start I'll go for a simple rendering of images (as points) on the map.

The "database"

Dropbox has a nice API that is going to let me easily create an application, and then have (Gil) authenticate into his account in order to add a restaurant, which will be done with a form. The data (images and json with comments/review) will be retrieved from this same folder.

That's the gist, for full details see my post at