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Simple grid parameterization and testing setup for Python functions and modules. See Documentation to get started.



GridTest is a library that specializes in generating parameter grids. The grids are most obviously used for testing, but can extend to other use cases. In the context of testing, GridTest makes it easy to discover functions, classes, and arguments for your python scripts or modules, and then generate a template for you to easily populate. Outside of testing, you can define grids that are version controlled, programatically defined with functions, and easy to interact with from the command line or Python interpreter. You might be interested in GridTest if you need:

  • low overhead tests for Python scripts and small packages
  • to generate input data for reproducible computations

To learn more, it's recommended to reference the documentation, take a look at the getting started pages, or browse one of the many tutorials available.

  • Free software: MPL 2.0 License


If you have any questions or requests for examples or tutorials, please don't hesitate to open an issue.


Please see the documentation contributing guide for details on how to contribute to documentation or code, or the GitHub for a list of checks when opening a pull request.

Known Issues

The following are known to not work, and development will depend on how useful the average user will assess each of these points. The developer @vsoch has not added them yet because she doesn't think them overall useful.

  • support for system libraries (e.g., sys) or anything without a filename in site-packages