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Reproducible watching of web changes. Good for:

  1. Monitoring system resources (battery, network, memory, cpu, etc.)
  2. Waiting for job postings to change or appear
  3. Monitoring some subset of prices from different vendors
  4. Tracking changes in GitHub repositories (stars, etc.) over time

WatchMe can watch for changes to an entire page, or a specific section of it. It's appropriate for research use cases where you want to track changes in one or more pages over time. WatchMe also comes with psutils (system tasks) built in to allow for monitoring of system resources. Importantly, it is a tool that implements reproducible monitoring, as all your watches, are stored in a configuration file that can easily be shared with others to reproduce your watching protocol. For more information, see the documentation. Docker bases are also available for monitoring processes inside containers.


Watchme uses cron for scheduling jobs. This means that if a system was shutdown and then started again after some time, watchme will not recover missing jobs during that period. If you have ideas for how to better schedule jobs that you want added to the library, please open an issue!


This code is licensed under the MPL 2.0 LICENSE.