Python 2/3 console program for renumbering latex equations.
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Python console program for renumbering latex references

  • Usage:

    Python 3 version:

     python3 in.tex out.tex pattern replacement 

    Python 2 version:

     python in.tex out.tex pattern replacement 
  • Description: replaces all labels in in.tex that match a given input pattern, such as \label{pattern*} and all corresponding references (\ref, \eqref, \pageref) with renumbered ones replacement+idx, where idx counts the matching \label{pattern*} order of appearance, i.e. equals 1 for the first \label that matches the input pattern, 2 for the second etc. The in.tex is left unchanged and the modifications are written to out.tex.

  • Example: consider a latex file source.tex having three labels, named, in order of appearance, \label{eqn5}, \label{eqn_important} and lastly \label{entropy}. Then the command

      python3 in.tex out.tex eqn Eqn 

will replace \label{eqn5} by \label{Eqn1} (and also all references to eqn5 will automatically become references to Eqn1) and replace \label{eqn_important} by \label{Eqn2} (again together with the corresponding references). The \label{entropy} remains unchanged since it does not match the input pattern \label{eqn*}. The changes are saved to the file out.tex.