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Supervisor Services Catalog

Discover current Supervisor Services offered to support modern applications through vSphere Services. New service will be added overtime with the goal to continue to empower your DevOps communities.

Supervisor Services are only available with Supervisor Clusters enabled using NSX-T.

vSAN Data Persistence Platform (vDPP) Services:

vSphere with Tanzu offers the vSAN Data Persistence platform. The platform provides a framework that enables third parties to integrate their cloud native service applications with underlying vSphere infrastructure, so that third-party software can run on vSphere with Tanzu optimally.

Partner Documentation Links:

Backup & Recovery Service

Velero vSphere Operator helps users install Velero and its vSphere plugin on a vSphere with Kubernetes Supervisor cluster. Velero is an open source tool to safely backup and restore, perform disaster recovery, and migrate Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes.

Velero vSphere Operator CLI Versions

This is a prerequisite for a cluster admin install.

Velero Versions

Certificate Management Service

ClusterIssuers are Kubernetes resources that represent certificate authorities (CAs) that are able to generate signed certificates by honoring certificate signing requests. All cert-manager certificates require a referenced issuer that is in a ready condition to attempt to honor the request.

  • Service install - Follow steps 1 - 5 in the documentation then continue to the bullet point below.
  • Read Service Configuration to understand how to install your root CA into the ca-clusterissuer.

CA Cluster Issuer Versions

CA Cluster Issuer Sample values.yaml

Cloud Native Registry Service

Harbor is an open source trusted cloud native registry project that stores, signs, and scans content. Harbor extends the open source Docker Distribution by adding the functionalities usually required by users such as security, identity and management. Having a registry closer to the build and run environment can improve the image transfer efficiency. Harbor supports replication of images between registries, and also offers advanced security features such as user management, access control and activity auditing.

Harbor Versions

Harbor Sample values.yaml

Kubernetes Ingress Controller Service

Contour is an Ingress controller for Kubernetes that works by deploying the Envoy proxy as a reverse proxy and load balancer. Contour supports dynamic configuration updates out of the box while maintaining a lightweight profile.

Contour Versions

Contour Sample values.yaml

  • Download the latest version: values for v1.18.2. These values can be used as-is and require no configuration changes.

Service Discovery Service

ExternalDNS publishes DNS records for applications to DNS servers, using a declarative, Kubernetes-native interface. This operator connects to your DNS server (not included here). For a list of supported DNS providers and their corresponding configuration settings, see the upstream external-dns project.

  • On Supervisors where Harbor is deployed with Contour, ExternalDNS may be used to publish a DNS hostname for the Harbor service.

ExternalDNS Versions

ExternalDNS data values.yaml

  • Because of the large list of supported DNS providers, we do not supply complete sample configuration values here. If you're deploying ExternalDNS with Harbor and Contour, make sure to include source=contour-httpproxy in the configuration values. An incomplete example of the service configuration is included below. Make sure to setup API access to your DNS server and include authentication details with the service configuration.
  - --source=contour-httpproxy
  - --source=service
  - --log-level=debug