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ido/helm imenu tag selection across all buffers with the same mode
Emacs Lisp
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define variable imenu-anywhere--preprocess-entry before using it
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@vspinu authored

imenu-anywhere command pops an IDO interface with all the imenu tags across all buffers with the same mode as the current one. In a sense it is similar to etag selection, but works only for the open buffers. This is often more convenient as you don't have to explicitly build the etags table.

To activate, just bind imenu-anywhere to a convenient key:

(global-set-key (kbd "C-.") 'imenu-anywhere)

There is also helm-imenu-anywhere which is like imenu-anywhere but uses helm ( interface instead of IDO. Helm library is not loaded by imenu-anywhere.el and you have to install helm separately.

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