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YesDice is an online dice throwing web-app. It's meant for rpg and strategy games, like the D&D dungeon crawler or the Infinity tabletop skirmish battle game.

Current status

The current status is early alpha. The barebone structure for the app is there. A single d6 is rolled and the result sent to the browser console.


1. Be able to cast / roll a dice object, d6, and get a random result - done! 2. Roll multiple d6 - done! 3. Add several standard dice: d3, d4, d8, d10, d12, d20 4. Add option to create your own dice. 5. Add option to save dice / dice throwing session 6. Create an interface that rivals the feel and ease of classic dice throwing as much as possible.

Technical goals

  • Use as much native JavaScript as possible. Keep it lean. Older browser are not supported.
  • Keep everything on the client-side. This rule may be broken when the app gets to a very advanced stage.
  • Use library's sparingly. Currently looking at: --- Require.js for managing the js libs --- Angular.js for one-page app functionality


I'm a programmer by day and tabletop gamer by night. I want to combine the two. Also, the lack of a really nice online dice roller for strategy games surprised me. Personal learning goals are writing well structured OO JavaScript and perhaps using a front-end JS framework.