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A simple control interface for rspamd spam filtering system.
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Rspamd web interface


This is a simple control interface for rspamd spam filtering system. It provides basic functions for setting metric actions, scores, viewing statistic and learning.

Webui screenshot

Rspamd setup.

It is required to configure dynamic settings to store configured values. Basically this can be done by providing the following line in options settings:

options {
 dynamic_conf = "/var/lib/rspamd/rspamd_dynamic";

Please note that this path must have write access for rspamd user.

Then controller worker should be configured:

worker {
        type = "controller";
        bind_socket = "localhost:11334";
        count = 1;
        # Password for normal commands
        password = "q1";
        # Password for privilleged commands
        enable_password = "q2";
        # Path to webiu static files
        static_dir = "${WWWDIR}";

Password option should be changed for sure for your specific configuration. Encrypted password using is encouraged (rspamadm pw --encrypt).

Interface setup.

Interface itself is written in pure HTML5/js and, hence, it requires zero setup. Just enter a password for webui access and you are ready.

Contact information.

Rspamd interface is distributed under the terms of MIT license. For all questions related to this product please see the support page

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