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Minimum packages to develop on FreeBSD


sudo pkg install vim-console git


  • Coredump filename: sudo sysctl -w 'kern.corefile =%N.%P.core'

Use FreeBSD

  • Rerun the installer configuration, run:: bsdconfig.

  • Change the keyboard layout: run kbdmap.

  • Upgrade to FreeBSD 12.0-RC1:

    $ sudo freebsd-update upgrade -r 12.0-RC1
    Does this look reasonable (y/n)? y
    $ sudo shutdown -r now
    $ sudo freebsd-update install


Upgrade the system:

sudo freebsd-update fetch
sudo freebsd-update install
pkg upgrade

Upgrade to FreeBSD 12.0-RC2:

sudo freebsd-update fetch
sudo freebsd-update upgrade -r 12.0
sudo freebsd-update install
sudo reboot
# after reboot
sudo freebsd-update install

Repair pkg, if needed:

sudo pkg bootstrap -f

If something goes wrong, reinstall everything installed by pkg:

sudo pkg-static upgrade -f

Install FreeBSD VM

  • : Download amd64/qcow2 virtual machine image,
  • Uncompress the image: unxz file.qcow2.xz
  • Move the image to /var/lib/libvirt/images/
  • Create a FreeBSD VM using this disk image
  • kbdcontrol -l fr.iso
  • Log as root
  • pkg install sudo bash screen vim-console
  • adduser: add user, add it to the wheel group
  • visudo: allow sudo for the whell group
  • Unlog, log again as the new user
  • chsh -s /usr/local/bin/bash
  • Unlog, log again (to get bash)
  • Enable the SSH server:

Install FreeBSD CURRENT in a VM

  • Download
  • Uncompress: unxz FreeBSD-11.0-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso.xz
  • Create a new VM:
    • Name: FreeBSD
    • Boot from an ISO: specify the path to the .iso file
    • System: select Show all, select UNIX, pick FreeBSD 11
    • 1 cpu, 1 GB of RAM
    • Disk size: 20 GB
    • Select network: shared interface, br0
  • FreeBSD installer:
    • <install>
    • Keymap: French ISO-8859-1
    • Hostname: freebsd
    • Distribution: only keep [*] ports
    • Partition: auto, <Entire disk>, MBR, Finish, Commit
    • (choose a root password)
    • network: configure IPv4, use DHCP, yes, configure IPv6, auto, yes
    • Time Zone: 8 Europe, 14 France
    • Date/Time: Skip
    • Service started at boot: sshd
    • (no option)
    • Add a new user: username vstinner
    • Exit: Manual config? No
    • Reboot
  • (After reboot)
  • Log as root
  • type "pkg install sudo" and install it
  • run "visudo" and uncomment "%whell ALL.." without password
  • add vstinner user to the wheel group: pw group mod wheel -m vstinner
  • Relog as vstinner
  • sudo pkg install bash git
  • chsh: write /usr/local/bin/bash (check before with "which bash")
  • Delog, log again as vstinner
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