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Make your own dinosaur toys! Just laser cut the pieces on 3 mm MDF sheets and have fun building them :)


How to produce

For now, you can download both .PDF and .SVG vector files. You’ll notice there are 2 colors being used:

  • #ff0000  #ff0000 Red is for laser cutting
  • #0000ff  #0000ff  Blue is for laser engraving


Brontosaurus Tyrannosaurus
↓ PDF   ↓ SVG ↓ PDF   ↓ SVG


All the axes that allow movement (of legs, arms, head and tail) can be created by cutting 4 toothpicks (or anything else that has a diameter of 2 mm) on two diffent sizes sizes:

  • 12 mm (2×) for head and tail
  • 18 mm (2×) for legs and arms


How to build

The following diagram represents 8 easy steps to building your brontosaurus (the t-rex version is pretty similar). You may need to make both the 12 mm axes about 1 mm shorter. This is to make sure they won’t exceed the body width and compromise legs and arms movements.




Work in progress…


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