Magento PHPUnit Integration
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Magento PHPUnit Integration

Magento is a quite complex platform without built in unit test suite, so the code is not oriented on running tests over it.

This extension was created especially for resolving this problem and promoting test driven development practices in Magento developers community. It doesn't change core files or brake your Magento instalment database, because all the system objects are replaced during the run-time with the test ones and a separate database connection is used for tests.

System Requirements

  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • PHPUnit 3.7.x
  • Magento CE1.4.x-1.7.x/PE1.9.x-PE1.10.x/EE1.9.x-1.12.x


Also you may follow our related blogposts.


Git Repository

  1. Checkout extension

     $ git clone git://
  2. Copy extension files into Magento root folder or use Module Manager for auto-updating of the extension on all your installments

  3. Open app/etc/local.xml.phpunit in editor that you are comfortable with:

  4. Specify database credentials that will be used for test suite in global/resources/default_setup/connection node

  5. Specify base_url for secure and unsecure requests in default/web node. It is required for proper controller tests.

  6. Run the unit tests first time for installing test database. It will take about 3 minutes.

     $ phpunit
  7. If it shows that there was no tests found, it means that extension was successfully installed. If it shows some errors than it means that your customizations has install scripts that relay on your current database data so you should fix them.

Issue Tracker

We use github issue tracker only for contributions management. If you want to post an issue please use our Issue Tracker


If you want to take a part in improving our extension please create branches based on dev one.

###Create your contribution branch:

    $ git checkout -b [your-name]/[feature] dev

Then submit them for pull request.