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Set ft=dosini for my.cnf files

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1 parent 455d7de commit 69c6818ccbc8b49177477e176dfea17596fa1fc9 @vsushkov committed Nov 29, 2012
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@@ -203,6 +203,7 @@ autocmd FileType md,markdown setlocal colorcolumn=72 tw=72
autocmd BufNewFile,BufReadPost *.coffee set filetype=coffee
autocmd BufNewFile,BufReadPost *.phtml set filetype=phtml
autocmd BufNewFile,BufReadPost *.md set filetype=markdown
+autocmd BufNewFile,BufReadPost *.cnf set filetype=dosini
autocmd BufWritePost *.md,*.markdown :silent !cat %:p | curl -X PUT -T - http://localhost:8090/
autocmd BufWritePre * call StripTrailingWhitespace()
autocmd FileType ruby,markdown,yaml let b:noStripWhitespace=1

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