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MooTools 1.5.2 Server

For more information about mootools in general I suggest you visit In short it is a library for web development, with support for OOP.

Mootools Server is a stripped down version that gives you all the nice things from the mootools library, sans the browser-specific stuff


  • Get Node
  • run npm install mootools
  • Done


Calling require('mootools') will import it into the global scope, and you'll be able to do things like

var Application = new Class(
    Implements: [process.EventEmitter],
    initialize: function()
        //initialize here
    compute: function()
        //some code

var app = new Application();
app.on("done", function() { /* Callback */ });

You can also use other things that mootools provides, like Options and Events (mootools events might not be as efficient as the native EventEmitter stuff)