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Virginia Tech Vision and Learning Reading Group


  • Study Group: Monday 11 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Reading Group: Wednesday 11 AM - 12:00PM

Location: Whittmore Hall 457B

Table of Contents

Current Schedule

Reading Group: Wednesday 11 AM - 12:00 PM, Whittmore Hall 457B

Date Presenter Topic
08/29 Vision and Learning Lab How to train you network (w/o direct supervision)
CVPR review / ECCV preview
09/05 Badour AlBahar High-resolution Image Synthesis and Multi-modal Image to Image Translation [Wang et al. CVPR 2018] [Choi et al. CVPR 2018] (slides)
09/12 Jinwoo Choi [Veit and Belongie ECCV 2018] Convolutional Networks with Adaptive Inference Graphs (slides)
09/19 Chen Gao [Hu et al. CVPR 2018] Relation Networks for Object Detection (slides)
09/26 Yuliang Zou TBD
10/03 Joseph Messou TBD
10/10 Shih-Yang Su TBD
10/17 Subhashree Radhakrishnan TBD
10/24 Saksham Gupta TBD
10/31 TBD TBD
11/07 TBD TBD
11/14 - No meeting - CVPR 2019
11/21 - No meeting - CVPR 2019
11/28 TBD TBD
12/05 TBD TBD
12/12 TBD TBD

Study Group: Monday 11 AM - 12:00 PM, Whittmore Hall 457B


  • Good CVPR citizens
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Graph Convoultion Networks
  • NLP
  • etc.
Date Instructor Topic
08/27 Jia-Bin Huang How to write a clear paper
09/03 - No meeting - Labor Day
09/10 "Kristen Grauman"
"Vladlen Koltun"
"Jitendra Malik"
Good Citizen of CVPR:
Talk: Tips for Preparing a Clear Talk
Research: Doing (Good) Research
Writing: How to Write a Good Paper
09/17 "Devi Parikh"
"Derek Hoiem"
"Bill Freeman"
Good Citizen of CVPR:
Productivity: Calendar. Not to-do lists.
Principle: Principles to Thrive in the Research Community
Writing: How to Write a Good Research Paper
09/24 "Richard Socher" Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing
10/01 TBD TBD
10/08 TBD TBD
10/15 TBD TBD
10/22 TBD TBD
10/29 TBD TBD
11/05 TBD TBD
11/12 - No meeting - CVPR 2019
11/19 - No meeting - CVPR 2019
11/26 TBD TBD
12/03 TBD TBD
12/10 TBD TBD

Previous Meetings

Mailing List

We use Google Groups to manage the mailing list: (link). You can click "Join Group" when you sign in with your Virginia Tech account.


Related Links


Similar reading group/seminars in other universities

Advanced CV courses


How is the presenters' order generated?

The presenters' order is generated from the presenters' list in a FIFO manner (but the list is initially generated randomly).

Who is responsible if I can not present at the scheduled time?


What should I do if I can not present at the scheduled time?

As early as possible, let the group organizer (ylzou -at- know about your situation. Also contact other presenters to see if they are willing to swap dates with you.

I have a question not listed here...

Then ask by sending an e-mail to the mailing list (vt-vision-and-learning-reading-group-g -at-

About Us

How it works?

We are a group that meets about once a week to discuss one to three relevant papers. For every meeting, one person will be in charge of selecting the paper(s) for that meeting, thoroughly understanding the work, and leading the discussion (either informally or via a presentation, whatever the leader thinks is best). The rest of the members will read over the paper(s) beforehand to gain a basic idea of the work. Then, on the day of the meeting, we will discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and techniques of the paper(s).

NOTE: Please tell the group organizer (ylzou -at- which paper(s) you are going to present, and summarize the paper/talk in several sentences, before Monday of that week.

What we read?

We will be reading papers appearing in the leading computer vision conferences (e.g., CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia) and machine learning conferences (e.g., NIPS, ICML, ICLR, UAI, AAAI, IJCAI, AISTATS). Members are free to choose which paper(s) they will present (we can also provide suggestions), thus the specific topics will vary based on the members' interests.

Who can join?

We are open to everyone who is interested, whether you are an undergrad, a grad student, or VT staff, regardless of department. Anyone else in the Blacksburg area is also welcome. As long as you are interested in learning more about the fields (by reading cutting-edge research papers), you are welcome to join.

Suggested Papers

We maintain a pool of suggested papers here.

Credits: The contents and formats were modified from VT CVMLP Reading Group.