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Extensible terminal emulator written with the web languages of the future. Today.

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VTerm is a terminal emulator written entirely in JavaScript using preact, a react-like library to create reactive user interfaces(UIs). To manage our data we use mobx for its simplicity and event-less flow of information. VTerm provides by default a simple UI that can be extended with themes and plugins, making the terminal experience up to your imagination. VTerm is a place where the tense If You can think of something You can do it is actually true. 100% hackable, 100% open-source, 100% yours.


You can dowload our prebuilt binaries in the GitHub's releases page for your platform of choice. Tough keep in mind that these are some of the first releases, and the application state is not yet stable, so you may find some bugs and breakdowns: we'd like you to report these in the GitHub's issues page!


DISCLAIMER: All the process shown here uses yarn, and although all these commands can be run with npm, we highly recommend using yarn.

First, on Windows you'll have to install some build tools from Microsoft in order to compile successfully node-pty with the command: $ yarn global add windows-build-tools

Then clone the repository to your computer and open a terminal inside that folder. Then install the packages with the command yarn and compile the app with yarn run compile:build. Lastly, package it for your OS. Respectively:

MacOS: $ yarn run build:darwin
Windows: $ yarn run build:win32
Linux: $ yarn run build:linux


@Sential - Icon of the app