Differential photometry for humans (and astronomers)
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LEMON is a differential-photometry pipeline, written in Python, that determines the changes in the brightness of astronomical objects over time and compiles their measurements into light curves. The aim of this program is to make it possible to completely reduce thousands of FITS images of time series in a matter of only a few hours, requiring minimal user interaction.

For example, to get the light curve of a transit of HAT-P-16b:

$ lemon astrometry data/*.fits HAT-P-16/
$ lemon mosaic HAT-P-16/*.fits HAT-P-16-mosaic.fits
$ lemon photometry HAT-P-16-mosaic.fits HAT-P-16/*.fits phot.LEMONdB
$ lemon diffphot phot.LEMONdB curves.LEMONdB

The above commands produce, among many others, the following plot:




Acknowledging us

If you use LEMON, please consider citing the package via its Zenodo record.

Project Status