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App for the orderPlaced page in IO Stores. It will replace checkout-confirmation-ui.
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The OrderPlaced app for VTEX IO Stores, replacing checkout-confirmation-ui.

IO Store

This app is made to be a store component and be placed as a dependency at VTEX IO Store. Althought it may also work on it's own, but without analytics.

Order Group Query

As a dependency to this app is vtex.order-placed-graphql, which exposes a GraphQL query defined as getOrderGroup($orderGroup: String) that receives an order group identification number and fetches the relevant data to the OrderPlaced component. This order group identification number needed for this app to work is obtained from the URL under which it is rendered, normally in this format: .../checkout/orderPlaced?og=<orderGroupNumber>, as a query parameter. Whithout this query parameter og, the GraphQL query cannot be performed and the app will not render.


This app depends on:

  • vtex.order-placed-graphql
  • vtex.styleguide
  • vtex.order-details
  • vtex.shipping-estimate-translator
  • vtex.address-form
  • vtex.profile-form
  • vtex.pixel-manager


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