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Author support service provides LaTeX style files and .tex file templates designed for IOS Press journal articles.


The following files are given in the repository (or directly in .zip archive):

  • iosart2x.cls, iosart2x.cfg - LaTeX style files designed for IOS Press journal articles. Please do not change them. These files are already loaded in the respective template files;
  • sw_template.tex - the main template file should be used for article preparation;
  • iosart2x.pdf - instructions for the preparation of a camera-ready paper in LaTeX. This document contains useful information regarding the structure of your document, proper tagging style, layout features, etc;
  • iosart2x.tex - source file for the instructions paper iosart2x.pdf;
  • ios1.bst, bibliography.bib - BibTeX related files. If your bibliography is structured in BibTeX format, loading your *.bib file and provided BibTeX style ios1.bst allows you to get the final format of the bibliography. Please note that bibtex program should be used to generate the *.bbl file. bibliography.bib is the minimal sample of *.bib file.
  • sw_template.bbl is a sample bibliography file created by BibTeX using the ios1.bst file.


  • Clone the repository or download the .zip archive;
  • Install LaTeX style files (iosart2x.cls, iosart2x.cfg) in your TeX system;
  • Read the instructions (iosart2x.pdf) for the preparation of your LaTeX document;
  • Use the template file sw_template.tex to prepare your manuscript.