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The VTEX Design System and React component library.
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VTEX Styleguide React components (Docs)


For instructions on how to use the Styleguide in your project refer to the page itself:



yarn install


yarn styleguide

Developing using npm link

Run this in this repo:

yarn develop

In your project run:

npm link @vtex/styleguide

Import (case a <Button> component in lib):

import Button from '@vtex/styleguide/lib/Button'


Developing new tests

To add tests to a component, just add a test file with the .test.js extension next to the component implementation.


├── index.js
└── index.test.js

We use react-testing-library to test our components.

Running tests

To run the test use:

yarn test

You can also pass the --watch flag:

yarn test --watch



Styleguide is currently being developped for two major versions at the same time, 8.x and 9.x. This means that after a merge of a feature to the master branch, 9.x branch has to be updated to stay at the same version level.


If 8.52.1 just got released, the update on 9.x should update the version to 9.52.1.

Follow those steps for a clean update. In case of doubt, ask one of the top contributors.

To post the changelog on Github Release Notes, is required to configure a Personal Token. See more here

We use releasy to publish our styleguide. To publish on both npm and render(VTEX IO) with Github Release Notes, execute the command below:

releasy --stable


To update the docs:

yarn deploy

Known issues

  • Your project has to run with webpack >= 2. Here's a guide for upgrading Webpack to v2.

  • VTEX Styleguide is a project built to run on top of either npm or VTEX IO. To make this viable, we currently use two package.json files, one in the top repository folder for npm, and one inside the react folder for VTEX IO. We are looking into how we can improve this architecture, but for now we have to live with duplicated dependencies in these package.json files.

    For more info, please refer to

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