Rendering the configuration entrypoint

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Rendering is done using the RenderRequireJsSetup html helper. The object it takes (of class RequireRendererConfiguration) as a parameter has the following properties:

  • RequireJsUrl: url for the require.js script

  • BaseUrl: baseUrl to be passed to require.js. All module paths will be relative to this setting.

  • ConfigurationFiles: a list of configuration files. If none are provided, it will default to a list containing RequireJS.json.

  • EntryPointRoot: The path used to compose the entryPoint location. Default is ~/Scripts/

  • LoadOverrides: This value established if we load the overrides defined in the configuration file generated by the AutoCompressor

  • UrlArgs: A value to be passed to require.js, mainly used for script versioning.

  • LocaleSelector: A function that allows you to define what the value of locale passed to require.js should be. Used in internationalization.

  • Logger: An instance of IRequireJsLogger used to log various warnings at runtime

  • ProcessConfig: An action that allows you to modify any of the properties defined in the configuration object.

  • ProcessOptions: An action that allows you to modify any of the properties defined in the options object


@using RequireJsNet

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <!-- head content -->
    <!-- body content -->

    @Html.RenderRequireJsSetup(new RequireRendererConfiguration
		// the url from where require.js will be loaded
		RequireJsUrl = Url.Content("~/Scripts/Components/RequireJS/require.js"),
		// baseUrl to be passed to require.js, will be used when composing urls for scripts
		BaseUrl = Url.Content("~/Scripts/"),
		// a list of all the configuration files you want to load
		ConfigurationFiles = new[] { "~/RequireJS.json" },
		// root folder for your js controllers, will be used for composing paths to entrypoint
		EntryPointRoot = "~/Scripts/",
		// whether we should load overrides or not, used for autoBundles, disabled on debug mode
		LoadOverrides = !HttpContext.Current.IsDebuggingEnabled,
		// compute the value you want locale to have, used for i18n
		LocaleSelector = html => System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture.Name.Split('-')[0],
		// instance of IRequireJsLogger
		Logger = null,
		// extensability point for the config object
		ProcessConfig = config => { },
		// extensability point for the options object
		ProcessOptions = options => { },
		// value for urlArgs to be passed to require.js, used for versioning
		UrlArgs = "v1.0"

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