Upgrading to 2.0

Stefan Prodan edited this page Aug 31, 2014 · 5 revisions
  • Upgrade your nuget package
  • Search in your code and views for RequireJS namespace and replace it with RequireJsNet, make sure you don't miss the @RequireJS in Razor views
  • Stop inheriting your controllers from RequireController
  • Move the code from the RequireJsControllers.RequireRegisterGlobalOptions method to a filter/base controller
  • Use the RequireJsOptions static class instead of the RequireJsOptions property (you shouldn't have to change anything if you haven't referenced the property explicitly)
  • Change the way you call RequireRendererConfiguration so that it matches the new signature
  • (Optional) Convert your XML (.config) file to JSON (.json). The XML format of the config file is now deprecated and will be removed in 3.0
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