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Reynir: A fast, efficient natural language parser for Icelandic


Reynir is a Python 3.x package for parsing Icelandic text into sentence trees (i.e. full constituency parse trees). The trees can then be used to extract information from the text, for instance about people, titles, entities, facts, actions and opinions.

Along the way, Reynir tokenizes the text, finds lemmas and assigns part-of-speech (POS) tags to every word.

Full documentation for Reynir is available here.

Reynir is the engine of, a natural-language front end for a database of 6 million sentences parsed from Icelandic news articles.

Reynir uses the Tokenizer package, by the same authors, to tokenize text.


>>> from reynir import Reynir
>>> r = Reynir()
>>> sent = r.parse_single("Ása sá sól.")
>>> print(sent.tree.view)
P                             # Root
+-S-MAIN                      # Main sentence
  +-IP                        # Inflected phrase
    +-NP-SUBJ                 # Noun phrase, subject
      +-no_et_nf_kvk: 'Ása'   # Noun, singular, nominative, feminine
    +-VP                      # Verb phrase
      +-so_1_þf_et_p3: 'sá'   # Verb, 1 accusative arg, singular, 3rd p
      +-NP-OBJ                # Noun phrase, object
        +-no_et_þf_kvk: 'sól' # Noun, singular, accusative, feminine
+-'.'                         # Punctuation
>>> sent.tree.nouns
['Ása', 'sól']
>>> sent.tree.verbs
>>> sent.tree.flat
'P S-MAIN IP NP-SUBJ no_et_nf_kvk /NP-SUBJ VP so_1_þf_et_p3
    NP-OBJ no_et_þf_kvk /NP-OBJ /VP /IP /S-MAIN p /P'
>>> # The subject noun phrase (S.IP.NP also works)
>>> sent.tree.S.IP.NP_SUBJ.lemmas
>>> # The verb phrase
>>> sent.tree.S.IP.VP.lemmas
['sjá', 'sól']
>>> # The object within the verb phrase (S.IP.VP.NP also works)
>>> sent.tree.S.IP.VP.NP_OBJ.lemmas


This package runs on CPython 3.4 or newer, and on PyPy 3.5 or newer.

If a binary wheel package isn't available on PyPi for your system, you may need to have the python3-dev and/or potentially python3.6-dev packages (or their Windows equivalents) installed on your system to set up Reynir successfully. This is because a source distribution install requires a C++ compiler and linker:

# Debian or Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install python3-dev
sudo apt-get install python3.6-dev


To install this package:

$ pip3 install reynir   # or pip install reynir if Python3 is your default

If you want to be able to edit the source, do like so (assuming you have git installed):

$ git clone
$ cd ReynirPackage
$ # [ Activate your virtualenv here if you have one ]
$ python develop

The package source code is now in ReynirPackage/src/reynir.


To run the built-in tests, install pytest, cd to your ReynirPackage subdirectory (and optionally activate your virtualenv), then run:

$ python -m pytest


Please consult Reynir's documentation for detailed installation instructions, a quickstart guide, and reference information, as well as important information about copyright and licensing.