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Boogie Woogie

Plack/PSGI framework JFF (Just For Fun!).

Three reasons why I wrote it:

Everybody does it

It is easy

It is fun


Heavy use of Plack internals, no wheel reinventing

Reasonable dependencies

OOP approach with no hacking

Cool name


I don't expect anyone to use it. But it could be another example how to use Plack/PSGI and build your own framework with the only features that you need.


Create your app:

    package MyApp;
    use Boose 'BoogieWoogie';

    sub startup {
        my $self = shift;

        my $r = $self->dispatcher->router;
        $r->add_route('/', defaults => 'foo#bar');


Create a my_app.psgi file:

    use Plack::Builder;

    use MyApp;

    my $app = MyApp->new;

    builder {
        enable "Plack::Middleware::Static",
          path => qr{\A/favicon.ico\z},
          root => 'htdocs/';

        enable "SimpleLogger", level => "debug";


Run it:

    plackup my_app.psgi