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2017-05-05 oleg <>
Fixes for newest Mojolicious which introduced Mojo::File (#rt121391)
2016-10-08 oleg <>
Fix compatibility with Mojolicious 7.0 (#rt116605)
2016-29-01 oleg <>
Fix #rt104058 again
2016-29-01 oleg <>
Allow bootylicious script to be mounted with Mojolicious::Plugin::Mount
2015-17-05 oleg <>
Move documentation to Bootylicious.pod to make metacpan happy: #rt104058
2015-24-04 oleg <>
Do not try to show author if article has no author
2015-13-04 oleg <>
Fix and finish Wordpress Twentyten theme
Allow tag to contain hypen
Disable /perldoc route, created by Mojolicious::Plugin::PODRenderer
2015-03-04 oleg <>
Prefer Bootylicious namespace over Mojolicious to prevent mess with plugins
2015-03-03 oleg <>
Fix compatibility with latest Mojolicious
2015-01-24 oleg <>
Ability to disable RSS
Fix compatibility with latest Mojolicious
2014-11-30 oleg <>
Do not include MYMETA.* files to distribution: rt#100611
2014-11-29 oleg <>
Now works on windows: rt#100527
2014-10-30 oleg <>
Installation via cpan clients should now be available
Remove documentation duplicate
2014-10-29 oleg <>
Updates for compatibility with latest Mojolicious
Added --create-config command line option
New algorithm for bot protection
Current directory now is default working directory
Allow tags to be non ASCII
2011-02-14 memowe <>
Got rid of the inline Mojolicious distro
Fixed Mojolicious::Plugin::BotProtection
Updated to Mojolicious' new helper mechanism
Pages are now parseable like articles
Fixed tests
Fixed empty article and comment iterator handling in RSS feeds
2011-01-31 vti <>
A big bunch of changes ;-)
2009-11-16 vti <>
Updated documentation
Updated .gitignore
Updated Changes file
Made cuttext configuration (memowe)
Updated credits
Ignore spaces before comment sign (#) in configuration
Added description meta tag to every page
Added prev/next article links
Updated minimal required Mojo version
Fixed tests
2009-11-15 vti <>
More verbose configuration reading in debug mode
Updated Makefile.PL
Do not die when configuration is an empty file
Renamed to bootylicious
Updated mojo version
Made error pages a bit nicer
Added dirs creation to the inflate command
Made bootylicious home dir configurable through env
Added FindBin to dependency list
Simplified templates
Fixed empty rss generation
Updated mojo version
Prepared for CPAN
Added Changes
2009-11-07 vti <>
Added overflow styling to the preformatted code
Added perlmalink
2009-11-03 vti <>
Ignore everything that doesn't look like metadata
Updated Mojo version
Fixed documentation
2009-11-01 vti <>
Fixed typo (sri)
Made helper name configurable
Added localization plugin
Fixed documentation
Refactored plugin configuration
Fixed documentation
Updated credits
Fixed links
2009-10-17 vti <>
Updated mojo version
2009-10-14 vti <>
Do not escape metadata
Do not escape menu labels
Fixed search plugin
Fixes due to Mojo update
2009-10-13 vti <>
Added utf encoding for GoogleAnalytics plugin
2009-10-12 vti <>
Made tests easier to write
Fixed GoogleAnalytics plugin
2009-10-08 vti <>
Fixed bug in drafts template
2009-10-07 vti <>
Renamed meta helper to stash
Moved to 'ep' templates
2009-10-04 vti <>
Fixed alternate rss url
Added datefmt option
2009-10-03 vti <>
Added simple exception template
2009-10-02 vti <>
Created special date formatting subroutine, this will format date in the future
Set default publicdir, this affects plugins
Fixed plugin due to bootylicious update
2009-10-01 vti <>
Fixed loading the last plugin
Don't set layout in tags rss template
Made it uglier but safer
Fixed config
Added log level control
Cleaned templates a bit
Fixed pubDate in rss
2009-09-30 vti <>
Added inflate command
Fixed plugin configuration again!
Fixed plugin configuration
Fixed wrong month in xmlrpc plugin
Fixed plugin loading sub
2009-09-29 vti <>
Made configurable what mojo server to run
Die on configuration script syntax error
2009-09-27 vti <>
Fixed date handling
2009-09-24 vti <>
Added more html escaping
Fixed paging labels
2009-09-21 vti <>
POD test
Fixed POD
Added perltidy
2009-09-19 vti <>
Added features description
Cleaned up xmlrpc plugin
Added more documentation
Added page titles
2009-09-18 vti <>
Static pages, epl templates
Introduced configurable meta information
Fixed documentation
Allowed commenting out lines in configuration file
Fixed plugins documentation
Added JSON configuration
2009-09-16 vti <>
Made search a bit relaxed
Fixed no query situation
Added simple search plugin
Made menu more configurable
Fixed other formats parsing
2009-09-15 vti <>
Fixed html
2009-09-14 GreenKakadu <>
Add AjaxLibLoader and TocJquery plugins
2009-09-14 vti <>
Made footer fixed
Changed default footer
Fixed publicdir environment variable
2009-09-14 Breno G. de Oliveira <>
fixed "publicdir" configuration
2009-09-13 Breno G. de Oliveira <>
added perl5lib config option's documentation
minor pod reordering (easy configs first)
added documentation for "templatesdir"
added support for "templatesdir" config option
2009-09-13 vti <>
Updated credits section
2009-09-12 Breno G. de Oliveira <>
avoid theme() call w/o theme (fix css/js override)
fixed support for css=files and js=files on .conf
improved documentation
bugfix: pod with "." in name or short date format
small comma added for easier expandability
2009-09-10 vti <>
Fixed urls formats
Fixed paging again and again
Fixed paging again
Updated to the latest Mojo
Made paging more robust
Fixed tests
Fixed paging
Fixed tags urls
Fixed tags rss url
Added context to xmlrpc plugin for url construction
XML-RPC plugin
No need for mmd, since we have our own metadata parser
Introducing metadata and nice public methods
2009-09-08 vti <>
Changed next to return in sub
2009-09-06 vti <>
Added preinit and init hooks
Fixed config parsing
2009-09-05 vti <>
2009-09-04 vti <>
PERL5LIB configuration
2009-09-04 green <green@localhost.(none)>
Add Gallery plugin
2009-09-02 vti <>
Fixed situation when there is no preview
MultiMarkdown parser
Better parsers
Fixed wrong place pod hack
Render only html
Made easier creation of new parsers
2009-09-01 vti <>
Google Analytics plugin
2009-08-27 vti <>
Made XHTML and CSS validators happy
Made RSS less portable but w3 validates it
And again
Fixed feed again. What was i thinking :(
Fixed rss feed items
Link posts
2009-08-26 vti <>
Fixed urls to have format value
Jump right to the place where the article was cut
Fixed urls
Base configuration in CGI mode
2009-08-25 vti <>
Fixed index page missing template
Fixed bugs created from moving links around
Default pagelimit is 10
2009-08-24 vti <>
Fixed index page link
Fixed wrong article path parsing
Showing all the articles on the index page
No day in url, possibility to set creation time
Preview feature
Introducing themes
Fixed situation when there is no menu in config file
2009-08-23 vti <>
Fixed menu alignment
Menu support
Changed HTML a little
Fixed CSS
Styling <pre>
2009-08-22 vti <>
Smart config file parsing
Configuring through .conf file also
Do not render anything when it is not modified
Last-Modified and If-Modified-Since headers
Fixed dates formatting
Correct URLs in RSS
RSS icons
2009-08-21 vti <>
Update Mojo submodule version
Run in CGI mode by default
Fixed FindBin
Added mojo submodule
2009-08-16 vti <>
Get rid of non initialized warning
Made everything utf8
2009-08-12 vti <>
changes due to Mojo update
2009-08-07 vti <>
name change & some cleanup
2009-08-04 vti <>
nice archive page and some cleanup
2009-07-30 vti <>
documentation & css
2009-07-29 vti <>