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Is anyone using Mojo for production?

Yes, despite of Mojo's "under heavy development" state.

What was the magic env variable to get more dispatcher debugging?

There is a lot dispatching logging in development mode. Make sure to check your log file and state.

Can a Mojo app be a mix of ::Lite and normal Mojolicious ?

Yes, it can. You can start writing you app as a ::Lite application and step by step grow to a normal one. One thing to remember is that there can be only one entry point, but you can share templates and controllers.

Does Mojolicious have a concept of form handling?

No. Mojolicious is just a framework that doesn't get in your way. There are many form handling modules on CPAN.

What does 'shagadelic' mean?

But doesn't 'shagadelic' mean fuckable?

Not really.

Didn't someone have a vim syntax for epl?

Okay, where the actual manual?

It is being written.

Does Mojo have forward and detach functions like cat?

No it doesn't.

Can Mojo be ran as a CGI script? For shared hosting services?


Anything noteworthy built using Mojo yet?

Bootylicious blog engine Contenticious CMS Pastelicious paste service

Does Mojo natively support sessions?

Yes. Or you can use MojoX::Session instead.

How can I help out or otherwise support this project?

Just use it, report bugs and ask for features. We are always glad to help.

Hello there. Does Mojo have ORM?

No. But there are a lot of ORMs on CPAN.

Do you really only depend on version zero of everything?

Besides Perl 5.8.1.

Does Mojo have "models" like Catalyst?

No. Why use additional abstract layer when you can just 'use' your model in controller?

Mojo does its own accessor stuff?

Yes. Mojo::Base provides basic accessors.

Has sri released recently?

Release cycle is a subject to change.

What am I doing wrong?

Could be anything. If you think that something is wrong, write a test app and drop a line to the mailing list or IRC channel.

Does anybody know how the animated gifs on the Mojolicious webpage were created?

Snapz pro x, Quicktime and ImageMagick. That's a long way: capture movie, split movie into frames, join frames into gif.

Does Mojo do any gzip/deflating?


Are there bridge examples anywhere ?

Here are some:

Does Mojo distinguish between /url/ and /url ?

Mojo does, routes -- not so much.

How is your documentation process going?

Is there some Mojolicious command line tool?

Yes. For generating applications. It's called 'mojolicious'.

Where do you want bug reports?

IRC (#mojo at or mailing list (

Mojo's license is AL, any reason you didn't go with same as Perl? (GPL or AL)

<@sri> i've been reading the licenses recently and i liked AL most

I just switched to Mojo, I am redoing my personal website. Should I use Mojo or Mojolicious::Lite for this task?

Mojolicious::Lite is enough for a personal website.

What exactly does the "shagadelic" method do?

Calls Mojolicious::Lite->start that calls Mojolicious->start that calls Mojolicious::Command->start.

Am I doing something wrong, perldoc Mojo::Manual::Mojolicious doesn't contain anything useful?

Where is the documentation for mojo?

How can I set content-type in Mojolicious::Lite app?


Anyone here use git tags?

want to port mojo to perl6?

Does "unsupported" mean "don't use" or just "swim at your own risk"?

Both :)

A simple Mojo wiki anyone?

where is all this great documentation i've been hearing about?

Stylish pdf mojo cheatsheet?

Does mojo have an email module?


Is anyone awake here?

If nobody answers your question on the IRC channel, don't worry, it will be answered when somebody wakes up.

How to run Mojo as a CGI script, using a browser?

Use shagadelic('cgi') or MyApp->start('cgi') in your Mojolicious script.

Can't you use host => qr// with route?

Take a look at routes conditions.

How would you redirect in Mojo?


Does Mojo have a built-in way to add accessors to your app?

use base 'Mojo::Base';

Where do I define the db connection?

In sub process.

Does Mojolicious reload itself after file changing?

Set MOJO_RELOAD=1 or use --reload option.

How to include other files inside epl?


Is it a coincidence that there is a Catalyst wiki called mojomojo?

Do you plan use Moose in Mojo?

Unlikely. Slow startup, countless prereqs and some being XS.

Does Mojo::Loader catch syntax errors?

Of course it does.

Where can I see an example of Mojolicious + MojoX::Session?

Look at MojoX::Session's distribution examples/ directory.

Is there an easy way to change the templates base dir for Mojolicious::Lite?


What's an attribute 'name' for? In routes. Where should I use it?


Is it possible with Mojo::JSON to check the syntax?

No. No syntax check. But it sets ->error attribute on errors.

Whats best practice for mojo and mod_perl2?

How to get a list of all names only of parameters?

my @names = keys %{req->params->to_hash};

or my @names = $req->param;

Are you marcus ramburg?

<@marcus> huh?
<@marcus> I
<@marcus> am
<@marcus> not
<@marcus> ramburg!

Please try to avoid doing mistakes in people's names. This enrages them. If you are not sure, use a nickname.

Do we have usable json in mojo yet?

Of course we do. Take a look at Mojo::JSON.

What is epl short for? English premier league?

Embedded Perl lite.

I want to customize Mojo::Template encoding. Is there the way to do it through Mojolicious?

There is encoding option.

What's the latest status on mojolicious documentation?

I see you're about keeping it free of dependencies - how do you feel about people developing extensions?

Extenstions are very welcome. There are already many of them. Search CPAN for MojoX namespace.

I don't understand waypoint and bridge. When do I use waypoint and bridge?


Sometimes it is necessary to call a method after another (e.g. authorization, data processing). That's what bridge is for.

# /blog
$r->bridge->to(controller => 'foo', action =>'auth')
  ->route('/blog')->to(action => 'list');

Foo::auth will be called before Foo::list. If Foo:auth does not return a true value, the chain will be broken and return without Foo::list being called.


Waypoint is something in between bridges and nested routes. It can match even if it's not an endpoint, but will behave just like route if children are matching too.

# /books
my $b = $r->waypoint('/books')->to(controller => 'books', action => 'list');

# /books/1
$b->route('/:id', id => qr/\d+/)->to(action => 'view');

What should I use html_escape and xml_escape for?

xml_escape is the faster and simpler version of html_escape which escapes every single entitie. html_escape uses all xhtml 1.0 entities, xml_escape only & < > " '.

How's the new docs coming along?

How to render data/plainfile.html in template?

<%= $self->render_partial('data/plainfile.html') %>

Web in a box?

<@sri> don't push the button!
<@sri> no wait, that was a different box...

How to get an absolute path of app home?


How to add charset utf-8 by default in headers?

$self->renderer->types->type(html => 'text/html; charset=utf-8');

How do I get params inside a controller?


Where is the test server's document root? Is it just in whatever directory you invoke it?

Anyone know how I can get the remote IP address within a Mojo controller?


How do I access the transaction from within a handler in the controller?


Has anyone used Mojolicious and the Petal templating system together? Would it be tricky to do?

You would have to build a custom renderer like MojoX::Renderer::TT.

How to use MyApp::CARROT as controller?

Since CARROT is not camelcase and can't be automatically converted from carrot, you should use

->route(...)->to(class => 'CARROT');

Anyone know how I can stuff raw HTML into a Mojolicious template without it getting escaped?

<%== ...

Does ep stand for something?

Embedded Perl.

So I can easily convert a based app to mojo?

When do you plan 1.0?

Right after the documentation.

Does anyone know why I might be having trouble accessing files within my 'public' directory? For some reason I'm unable to get my public js and css files to load.

I have 5 actions for one route. And I have 5 $self->render( ... ) at the end of every action. ;) How to render universally? For example to run a function to render depending on a parameter from stash?

Bridge is used before route. Is it available to run action after route?

how do I set a cookie from a mojolicious controller?

How do I do an external redirect from a controller?


Does setting $self->res->body bypass the rendering in MojoX::Dispatcher::Routes::dispatch?

No, response code should be added also. But for rendering a text


can be used.

What happens when you do $tx->pause? Switching to other transactions?

Flow just goes on, it sets the tx in hibernate mode (can't write) and the handler will end normally.

Anyone have a favourite i18n module that's nice to use / plays nice with mojo(licious)?

Take a look at MojoX::Locale::Maketext.

Is there a Mojo modules page?

Not yet. Feel free to contribute.

Going for the advent calendar plan after all?

<@sri> marcus: no way

Doesn't mojo have an async http client built in now?

Yes. Mojo::Client is fully async.

Any ideas about how hard it would be to embed a mojo app in a catalyst app?

There is Catalyst::Engine::Mojo, it could be outdated, but is a good example.

How to create a "https" link via url_for?

Is it possible to create a full link (with http://) via url_for?


MP3 streaming client?


use Mojo::Client;
use Mojo::Transaction::HTTP;

my $url = shift @ARGV;
my $handler = 'mpg123 -';

open(HANDLER, "|$handler") or die "Cannot pipe input to $handler: $!\n";

my $tx = Mojo::Transaction::HTTP->new;
    sub {
        my ($res, $chunk) = @_;
        print HANDLER $chunk;


close HANDLER;

How to use ladders?

Is anybody using Mojo for high-traffic sites? What's the performance like?

Is there a way to access the route's name from within the .ep templates?

Mojolicious rules. Why people in the Perl world don't understand this simple thing?

What is the difference between dispatch() and process()?

Can I create POST request emulating HTML form?

Are there any bigger example application? Or even real ones?

Could someone tell me how to run Mojolicious with fastcgi?

--address. It can't listen unix socket?

What about nginx & Mojo fcgi? Must it have anything special in fastcgi parameters?

so what would be the fastest way to get up to speed on Mojo?

I want only 2 or 3 processes of fcgi, how to run? I tried --servers 2, but again get 6 processes.

btw, this is the most jabber I've seen on #mojo in a week. is it usually quiet?

Is there a Mojo component to manage user authentication and sessions ?

why is mojo telling me "It looks like you don't have the Mojo Framework installed." even though I just installed it?

how do I tell Mojolicious::Lite that the content I'm about to send is "application/xml"?

With $client->post, where do I put my post data in?

How can i determine name of current route?

How to reload mojolicious application? What a signal should I send to a process?

is there somewhere to paste?

I just want to run a Mojo app on a single location within a site... is this possible?

How can one add additional params when loading a plugin?

does Mojo::Client follow redirects?

Can you explain to newbie how can i pass additional fcgi params to mojolicious app?

Is access to raw environment not available?

How to run Mojolicious::Lite on different address:port?

Is there a page with list of sites build on mojo?

does anyone know if it is possible to use Template::Toolkit with Mojolicious::Lite?

Is there way to clear template cache of mojo server without restarting server?

how can one load a plugin with a different namespace?

inside mojo, is there a better way to report an error but calling die?

Are there any thoughts or ideas about using Mojo with Moose or at least Mouse?

is there a startup sub for mojo lite apps?

Could someone explain to me what waypoint() does?

Is there a way to specify query parameters in url_for, or do I need to handle that myself?

all new to mojo, any tutorials about ?

do you tweet?

btw are u looking for contributors, if so how ?

when should one use charset plugin?

can someone make this work?

somehow set headers having a hashref without iterating?

Do you plan have a talk about Mojo on any Perl workshop or YAPC?

are there reserved stash keys?

Why post_form, not just form or post_data?

How to use other than UTF-8 encoding in MojoX::Renderer::TT?

Here is an example how to serve cp1251 templates (by Alexander nordicdyno Orlovskiy)

    mojo             => $self,
    template_options => {UNICODE => 0, ENCODING => 'windows-1251'}