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bin Cleanup
environments Resume!
etc update Rexfile
lib Cleanup
logs Configs
public Better styling
schema Show name instead of ascii name
scripts Follow redirects
t Resume!
views fix articles (Shlomi Fish)
Makefile.PL Require DBD::SQLite
README fix articles (Shlomi Fish)
Rexfile update Rexfile
Rexfile.yml.sample Sample Rexfile configuration
config.yml.sample sample config


This is the source code for .

How to install

1. Clone the repository

    git clone

2. Install the dependencies

    cpanm --installdeps .

3. Setup the SQLite database

    cat schema/*.sql | sqlite3 perlresume.db

4. Copy config.yml.sample to config.yml and adjust to your needs.

    cp config.yml.sample config.yml

5. Start the embedded server

    plackup bin/
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