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%title= $title
%h2 Quick Notes
Text::Haml is usually indented with two spaces,
although more than two is allowed.
You have to be consistent, though.
The first character of any line is called
the "control character" - it says "make a tag"
or "run Ruby code" or all sorts of things.
Text::Haml takes care of nicely indenting your HTML.
Text::Haml allows Ruby code and blocks.
But not in this example.
We turned it off for security.
You can get more information by reading the
%a{:href => "/docs/yardoc/"}
Official Text::Haml Reference
This example doesn't allow Ruby to be executed,
but real Text::Haml does.
Ruby code is included by using = at the
beginning of a line.
Read the tutorial for more information.
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