-- this is Atlas 3.10.0 edited from the source tar to build with mingw32 (and presumably still most other places, except probably Cygwin cross-compile)
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This is the README index file.  If you want install intructions,
read ATLAS/INSTALL.txt.  Windows users should read
ATLAS/doc/Windows.txt as well.  Note that all of this documentation is
probably out of date.  The website always contains the most current versions:

A listing of the ATLAS documentation files is:

                                 in ATLAS/
INSTALL.txt       : Basic ATLAS installation instructions as text
README            : This file

                              in ATLAS/doc/
AtlasCredits.txt : The ATLAS team
atlas_install.pdf: Relatively complete guide to configuring, building,
                   installing and testing ATLAS.
BootSequence.txt : Rough outline of how the ATLAS install works, and what
                   files it creates.
ChangeLog.txt    : Brief summmary of changes from previous releases.
DirStruct.txt    : A graphic of the general organization of the ATLAS files
INDEX.txt        : This index file again
LibReadme.txt    : Information on generated libraries.
TestTime.txt     : Information on using the ATLAS testing and timing programs
TroubleShoot.txt : Help with troubleshooting your installation, including
                   where to find more help
Windows.txt      : Special information users of Microsoft Windows (95/98/NT/2K)
                   should read
atlas_contrib.pdf: Information on how users can speedup and contribute to
                   ATLAS by providing low-level kernel routines
altas_over.pdf   : Paper describing ideas and basic methods of ATLAS
cblas.pdf        : Extract of the BLAST standard document, describing the
                   standard C interface to the BLAS.
fblasqr.pdf      : Quick reference to the F77 interface to the BLAS.