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Swizzler2 - Hacking iOS applications
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Swizzler 2

Swizzler was built as a tool to help analyze MDM/EMS iOS applications, it has grown to incorporate other features to assist and ease the job of penetration testers and security researchers in the security analysis of any iOS application.

The original Swizzler was released along side the BlackHat presentation entitled Bad for Enterprise: Attacking BYOD Enterprise Mobile Security Solutions.

Full Presentation, White Paper and Video Recording can be found at


Swizzler 2 will now be a collection of Frida scripts that will perform similar functions that the original Swizzler provides. Frida is faster (more than 10x) and more flexible as compared to CydiaSubstrate.

A guide will also be provided for testing of iOS applications on non-jailbroken iOS devices. The latest and greatest iOS version (currently 10.1b3) will be used for testing.

Start by checking out the wiki!


Create an issue here or tweet me @vincent_tky

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