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VOLVO Driver Distraction Display :)
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VOLVO Driver Distraction Display :)

Firmware for Arduino Due connected to car's CAN bus (both high-speed and low-speed) and a small 2.4" LCD display, which fills in an empty space on aftermarket 2DIN fascia.


See doc/ for more pics!

Features supported:

Reads out next sensors:

ECM - engine (in imperial and metric units)

  • Boost
  • Coolant temperature
  • ATF temperature
  • Intake air temperature
  • Engine speed (RPM)
  • Engine torque
  • Battery voltage
  • Fuel pump duty cycle
  • Fuel rail pressure
  • Short-term fuel trim (STFT)
  • Long-term fuel trim (LTFT)
  • Turbo control valve (TCV) duty
  • Throttle plate angle
  • Mass Air Flow (MAF) rate
  • VVT angles, intake and exhaust
  • Ignition timing (BTDC)
  • Engine fan duty cycle
  • Misfire counter

TCM - transmission

  • Gear selector
  • Current gear (calculated via solenoids state in valve body)
  • Gear ratio
  • SLT, SLS, SLU linear solenoids current
  • S1-S5 solenoids state

DEM - Haldex/AWD

  • All 4 wheels speed
  • Haldex unit oil pressure and temperature
  • Haldex unit solenoid and pump currents

CCM - climate

  • A/C high port pressure
  • A/C compressor duty
  • Evaporator temperature
  • Cabin temperature
  • Blower motor duty


Steering wheel buttons (SWC)

  • sends Kenwood remote codes


  • Raise/lower GPS navigation
  • Power on/off original rear seat entertainment displays and select wireless audio channel (via separate controller, see
  • Reset service remainder indicator (SRI)
  • Transmission adaptation
  • Reset crash mode

Hardware used:

  • Arduino Due
  • DUECANshield V1.2 - prototyping shield with dual CAN bus ports
  • 4D Systems uLCD-24PTU (+ programming cable)
  • ULN2003A (Darlington array, level converter)
  • 93C86 (EEPROM)
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