A Ruby Library for dealing with validation cryptocurrency addresses
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Simple wallet address validator and normalizer for cryptocurrencies addresses in Ruby.

Inspired by ognus/wallet-address-validator.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'adequate_crypto_address'

Or install it yourself as:

gem install adequate_crypto_address

Main API

.valid? (address, currency [, type = :prod])
  • address - Wallet address to validate.
  • currency - Currency name string or symbol in any case, :bitcoin or 'BTC' or :btc or 'BitCoin'
  • type - Optional. You can enforce validation with specific type. Not all currencies support types.

Returns true if the address (string) is a valid wallet address for the crypto currency specified, see below for supported currencies.

Supported crypto currencies

  • Bitcoin/BTC, 'bitcoin' or 'BTC' types: :segwit_v0_keyhash :segwit_v0_scripthash :hash160 :p2sh
  • BitcoinCash/BCH, 'bitcoincash' or 'BCH' types: :p2sh :p2pkh :p2pkhtest :p2shtest
  • Dash, 'dash' or 'DASH' types: :prod :test
  • Zcash/ZEC, 'zcash' or 'ZEC' types: :prod :test
  • Ethereum/ETH, 'ethereum' or 'ETH'
  • Ripple/XRP, 'ripple' or 'XRP'



require 'adequate_crypto_address'
AdequateCryptoAddress.valid?('12QeMLzSrB8XH8FvEzPMVoRxVAzTr5XM2y', 'BTC') #=> true
AdequateCryptoAddress.valid?('3NJZLcZEEYBpxYEUGewU4knsQRn1WM5Fkt', :bitcoin, :p2sh) #=> true

AdequateCryptoAddress.valid?('bitcoincash:qrtj3rd8524cndt2eew3s6wljqggmne00sgh4kfypk', :bch) #=> true
AdequateCryptoAddress.valid?('mmRH4e9WW4ekZUP5HvBScfUyaSUjfQRyvD', :BCH, :p2pkhtest) #=> true

AdequateCryptoAddress.valid?('0xde709f2102306220921060314715629080e2fb77', :ETH) #=> true
AdequateCryptoAddress.valid?('de709f2102306220921060314715629080e2fb77', :ethereum) #=> true


require 'adequate_crypto_address'

AdequateCryptoAddress.address('mmRH4e9WW4ekZUP5HvBScfUyaSUjfQRyvD', 'bch').cash_address #=> "bchtest:qpqtmmfpw79thzq5z7s0spcd87uhn6d34uqqem83hf"
AdequateCryptoAddress.address('bitcoincash:qrtj3rd8524cndt2eew3s6wljqggmne00sgh4kfypk', 'bch').legacy_address #=> "1LcerwTc1oPsMtByDCNUXFxReZpN1EXHoe"

address_string = 'qrtj3rd8524cndt2eew3s6wljqggmne00sgh4kfypk'
addr = AdequateCryptoAddress.address(address_string, 'bch')
addr.prefix #=> "bitcoincash"
addr.type #=> :p2pkh
addr.address #=> "bitcoincash:qrtj3rd8524cndt2eew3s6wljqggmne00sgh4kfypk"

AdequateCryptoAddress.address('D1220A0cf47c7B9Be7A2E6BA89F429762e7b9aDb', 'eth').address #=> "0xD1220A0cf47c7B9Be7A2E6BA89F429762e7b9aDb"

*Not all currencies support this feature.


Run rake spec to run the tests. You can also run bin/console for an interactive prompt that will allow you to experiment.


  1. Fork the repo
  2. Grab dependencies: bundle install
  3. Make sure everything is working: bundle exec rake spec
  4. Make your changes
  5. Test your changes
  6. Create a Pull Request
  7. Celebrate!!!!!


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/vtm9/adequate_crypto_address/issues