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📰 The project (Formula.Feedback)

Use this Azure Function to send a message to yourself. This is built to send a feedback info from a HTTP POST using SendGrid.

USAGE: It is used to allow users of the app Formula - Universal Code Editor (version > 4) to send feedback to the developer [that's me].

👨🏻‍💻 How to run it

⚡ Azure Function

For the Azure Function (Formula.Feedback), I recommend develop it with vscode or Visual Studio.

You may need to adjust the ProjectName, Email and the SENDGRID_KEY at local.settings.json to your project name, e-mail and SendGrid key.

🔮 Roadmap

I'm sharing with you some of my plans to move forward with this project, right now the priorities comes like this:

  • Tests: This project isn't complete without tests on it.

  • Independency: Would love to make more stuff parameterizable so it can be used in other projects outside vtnorton

  • Metrics: It would be incredible to get some metrics with this feedback sender, like the app version.

  • Prettier: Make the final message looks prettier using heartthrob.

  • Docker: The project needs docker, and that says it all!

  • YAML: would love to create the build process with yml.

Constributors of all kinds from the community are welcome, but especially those that support the efforts above.

⭐Contribution reward

For each contribution you get a key for Formula - Universal Code Editor, I will try my best to send to you once a contribution is set but if I forget to send you, just tell me!

For issues, it will only be valid once an issue is closed or resolved. 😉

📃 License

Copyright (c) vtnorton. All rights reserved.

Licensed under the MIT License. s

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