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This is the documentation for the heartthrob framework (heartthrob.css).
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Overview + contribute

Heartthrob is a framework made to looks like the Windows design, that I'm building for at least 2 years, following the Microsoft Fluent Design, it was also inspired by Michael West - an incredible designer who will dominate the world with his ideas.

Build from scrath with bare CSS - and JavaScript, it uses the grid system for responsive websites based in Bootstrap 3, the idea is to have a start for when you need to develop a solution for your company or for yourself, it's clean, simple, easy and still small. One of the biggest features in heartthrob is the compatibility with Kendo UI.

I'm using it in the solutions I build everyday, over the next months the idea is to get it out of a '#conceptual project' to go all real! So expect nice fixes and small additions as it will be more and more compatible with Kendo and other browsers. I will also work to make this documentation better and adding a bunch of stuff here.


Click here to see the full documentation

Heartthrob status Build Status

Heartthrob-docs status Build Status

How to contribute

Here is a quicky guide in how to contribute to the framework:

  1. Clone the project from GitHub.
  2. Edit the HTML for it.

Don't code? Still want to contribute!?

Here is a few things you can do - almost in every open source project - that would help it be even better:

  1. Found something cool on the internet that you want to be added here? Tell me!
  2. Found a bug, please report! Will fix it ASAP - this is actually the code my team uses every single day.
  3. This documentation can be improved somehow? Just say it to me and will do my best!
  4. Something is missing, in the documentation, the repository, or in your life? You will be heard!
  5. Follow me on @vt_norton and in my blog to have info about updates!

NOTE: This documentation isn't complete yet with all functions that importing heartthrob to your project will get. Working on it!

How to install

Ok, enough talk about the project, how do you use it? Simple, you can get it with npm. Simple as that.

npm install heartthrob
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