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@vtorrent vtorrent released this Oct 5, 2016 · 3 commits to master since this release

What's New

This release brings an update to daemon side of 2FA, as well as some other minor fixes.

-Version bumped to to indicate a new minor release
-2FA fully implemented in daemon


To Encrypt Client

“encryptwallet <passphrase> [otaenable]”

$ vTorrentd encryptwallet SuPer$tr0ngPa$$phra$E true

    "The wallet encryption succesfully changed." : "Authenticator secret: KRNEORSRKNIE2N2Y"

To Fully Unlock Client

"walletpassphrase <passphrase> <otpcode> <timeout> [stakingonly]”

$ vTorrentd walletpassphrase SuPer$tr0ngPa$$phra$E 381342 9999999 false

To Unlock Client only for Staking

"walletpassphrase <passphrase> <otpcode> <timeout> [stakingonly]”

$ vTorrentd walletpassphrase SuPer$tr0ngPa$$phra$E ANY 9999999 true

To Change Passphrase and to Enable/Disable 2FA

“walletpassphrasechange <oldpassphrase> <newpassphrase> <oldotpcode> [otaenable]”

$ vTorrentd walletpassphrasechange SuPer$tr0ngPa$$phra$E SuPer$tr0ngPa$$phra$EnEW 453609 true
    "The wallet encryption succesfully changed." : "Authenticator secret: HFIVASKHG5AUSQSG"

** 2FA Authenticator secret will be renewed every time there are changes to the client encryption.


$ vTorrentd walletpassphrase SuPer$tr0ngPa$$phra$E 112494 9999999 false
error: {"code":-14,"message":"Error: The wallet passphrase or authenticator code entered was incorrect."}

** If you are unable to unlock your client with correct passphrase, please check your time to make sure it is synced up.

Scheduled hard-fork:

-Posv2 at Block 1200000
-Posv3 at Block 1300000

Bug fixes:

-Messages crashes problems

MD5 Checksum: - cb71216854d3c7e3385463f32078bff2

vTorrent- - edd9bca9c41cbcb3242e00287ccd14b3 - 6518e0edcb42c7a76c4ec237af54f2e4

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