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Vitor Barbosa Tavares de Freitas
Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro
Contact: | |
Current Role: Senior Software Consultant @ OLX Brasil

Software engineer with almost 7 years of work experience and with a great deal of expertise in software architecture, agile software development and devops culture.

I've contributed to a lot of different sectors (e.g. Products teams, cloud engineering teams, consultant), to different domains (e.g. Retail, Ads) and to different markets (e.g. C2C, B2C). I've also worked with the US market for 2 years (as a consultant for a big retail company)

My background is Java based. However, I have a good amount of experience in other languages/platforms, like NodeJS, Scala, Kotlin, Groovy. I also have some good experience and interest in some subjects, such as SRE, XP Practises, APIs and RPCs services, messaging systems (and general distributed systems), data science, NoSQLs, CI/CD and release management, cloud providers, Infra as code, performance monitoring and profiling.


OLX Brasil

Senior Software Engineer [2018/Today]

Development of high volume and high throughput APIs and products that front face the company's products to third parties and orchestrate the ad load import process. OLX is the biggest brazillian C2C marketplace platform, so we also had to use and build scalable and modular architectures (on top of AWS) to handle such load.

I can not provide further details due to a confidentiality agreement.


Senior Software Consultant [2017/2018]

Development of variety of API governance and security solutions for a big American retail company, working as a consultant, temporarily working in San Francisco. The role was similar of an SRE.

Some experience that I had includes:

  • OAuth 2 and OIDC protocols implementation (every entity of the 3 legged flow)
  • Company API Gateway's setup, auxiliary services (such as API security)
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry with Node.js and Java stacks
  • Azure and OpenStack

Software Consultant [2016/2017]

Contributed to internal projects, mainly working on building an open source CMS, for 6 months. After that, I started to work for a NA retail client, mainly developing and maintaining internal APIs.

Some experience that I had includes:

  • DevOps culture and Continuous Deployment
  • Pipeline as Code and build/release management
  • BlueGreen deployment and Deployment tracking
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Rest and GraphQL with Spring Boot

B2W Digital

Mid level Software Developer [2013/2016]

As a product engineer, I've contributed with the development of promotions and discounts related microservices for the biggest Brazilian ecommerce platform (B2W), mostly based on Java. We had to handle high load and deal with traffic spike in a daily basis. The team was autonomous, so we had to deal with every layer of the APIs architecture (planning, provisioning, persistence and so on). I was able to touch Operations and Infrastructure sides and as a consequence, contributing to our DevOps culture. I also had experiences dealing with Black Friday events and being a teacher for trainee developers.

Developed products :

  • Promotions and discounts engine and service
  • Freight service
  • Installment service
  • Content engine
  • Coupon service

Some experience that I had includes:

  • DevOps culture
  • Lean software development
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Async services and messaging systems
  • Cloud architecture (public / private) on AWS, OpenStack and Mesos/Marathon (Docker)
  • NoSQLs (Mongo, Riak, Solr e Elastic Search)

Junior Software Developer [2012/2013]

Agile Delivery for the biggest e-commerce platform in Brazil (B2W Digital), maintaining and adding new features to many customer facing legacy projects, such as:

  • ShoppingBag and Checkout
  • Product Catalog
  • Brand CC request
  • Promotion manager

Some experience that I had includes:

  • Agile Development with Scrum and Kanban
  • Java as main TechStack. Weblogic as App Server
  • SOA with SOAP Services interactions between Customer Apps and Back Office apps
  • Design Patterns and Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • TDD and software quality


Tech Support Trainee [Rio de Janeiro - 2011]

IT Support of Legal department. Working mainly with OS repairs and Hardware maintenance.


  • FAETEC - [Technical high school] IT technical course (2009 - 2011)
  • UFF - [College] Software development (2012) (Not graduated)