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String or Float for Hard Drive/Ram #46

drapergeek opened this Issue Jun 7, 2012 · 2 comments

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Right now, the calculations aren't working on the most recent version due to some changes. Right now the hard/drive ram is a string. I'm debating on whether it should be a string or a float. Floats allow us to sort by these(or search properly) however they require essentially that we choose a "current size" such as gigabytes for ram or gigabytes or terabytes for hard drive which may be outdated in a while. Using a string allows us to simply say '32gb ' for ram and it is never outdated.


I could definitely see how sorting/searching by ram or hd size could be beneficial. Could allow the user to choose measurement type (GB, MB) with a dropdown, but that would require more steps to input an item. If you use string, I would say have validation on those fields to require GB, TB, MB, etc so at least the strings would be consistent. Could always just make the user enter the size in bytes :P


There is also the option of having a field for text and a field for a dropdown for something like megabyte or gigabyte. This requires two choices and we will still only be able to output in a single number(so if we go from using gigabytes standard for hard drives to tb, then it will still show terabytes)

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