A Garmin Connect IQ meditation app
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A Garmin Connect IQ meditation app that tracks as an activity the heart rate, HRV, stress and provides vibration alerts.


  • ability to save the session as a Connect IQ activity
    • activity type Meditating or Yoga
  • ability to configure multiple meditation/yoga sessions
    • e.g. a 20 min session with 1 min recurring alerts, triggering a different alert on the 10th minute
    • each session supports interval vibration alerts
    • interval alerts can trigger from a few seconds up to few hours
  • HRV (Heart Rate Variability)
    • RMSSD - Root Mean Square of Successive Differences (beat-to-beat intervals)
    • pNN20 - % of successive beat-to-beat intervals that differ by more than 20 ms
    • pNN50 - % of successive beat-to-beat intervals that differ by more than 50 ms
    • beat-to-beat interval - reading coming directly from the watch sensor
    • HRV Successive Differences - difference between current and previous beat-to-beat intervals
    • SDRR - Standard Deviation of beat-to-beat intervals
      • calculated from the first and last 5 min of the session
    • HRV RMSSD 30 Sec Window - RMSSD calculated for consecutive 30 second intervals
    • HR from heartbeat - beat-to-beat interval converted to HR
  • stress tracking
    • Stress - summary of the the average stress during the session
    • HR Peaks 10 Sec Window
      • internal metric for calculating stress
      • tracks in overlapping 10 Sec Windows Max HR for each window
      • HR calculated from beat-to-beat interval.
  • summary stats at the end of the session
    • tracks the overall min, avg and max HR
    • Stress
    • HRV

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