An experimental tab switching interface for Firefox on Android
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Fennec New Tab Experimentation

An experimental tab switching interface for Firefox on Android

Goals of the new interface

  • Switching between tabs should be faster
  • Tab switching should feel seamless and less effortful to do.
  • A consistent mental model for users understanding tab behaviour.

Current Interface

Experimental Interface

A major feature of this interface is being able to tab and hold on the tab button and swipe your finger to "hover" over each tab interface. This hovering allows the user to quickly switch between recent tabs in one motion. In addition, tabs can be previewed quickly.


  • Include video of quick tab switching.
  • HTML Demo
    • Move to github pages for easier linking.
    • Implement private and sync tab switching
    • Work out animation for spatially rearranging tabs when switching tabs.


The following people contributed in some capacity to the idea generation, discussion, and prototyping of this interface. They are listed in alphabetical order to preserve contribution neutrality.