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A simple application, a JSON store of products and lists of products, as a demonstration using Backbone.js.
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The Backbone Store is a simple demonstration application, a Backbone.js
version of the Sammy.js tutorial.

## Installation

The Backbone store must be installed under a webserver in order to
operate correctly.  Chrome, especially, will not initialize the
application from the filesystem.  Just unpack it in a target directory
of your choosing and then browse to that directory.

## Branches

There are two major development branches for The Backbone Store.

Branch 'master' uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Branch 'modern' uses HAML, Stylus, and Coffee.
## Copyright

Store.js is entirely my own work, and is Copyright (c) 2010 Elf
M. Sternberg.  Included libraries are covered by their respective
copyright holders, and are used with permission of the licenses
included.  Store.js is intended for educational purposes only, rather
than to be working code, and is hereby licensed under the Creative
Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa) licence.

The images contained herein are derivative works of photographs
licensed under Creative Commons licences for non-commercial purposes.

## Contribution

Please look in backbonestore.nw for the base code.  Backbonestore.nw
is produced using the Noweb Literate Programming toolkit by Norman
Ramsey (
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