script to create a single node k8 setup for testing in a core os instance
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Basic k8s setup for a Core OS single node with the aim to use for staging or CI deployments. Follows

Only tested in Azure, it requires a Core OS instance running, then connect to it and:

cd k8;
./ [myip-address] --> ip associated to eth0, you can find it using ifconfig```

This will deploy k8 into a single scheduable node, it sets up kubectl in the node and deploys skydns add on.  

It also includes a busybox node file that can be deployed by:
```kubectl create -f files/busybox

This might come useful to debug issues with the set up. To execute commands in busybox run:


It is now much simpler to set up a master node with kubeadm. I have pushed a new script that intalls the depencies for 16.04 and runs kubeamd. at the moment it is used weave for networking, but you can easily change this.

docs for kubeadm are here

cd k8;
kubectl get no -w   --> wait until the master node is ready
kubectl get po --all-namespaces --> check that all pods have come up ok