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Vue Styleguidist

Isolated Vue component development environment with a living style guide

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A big thank you to our sponsors.

Marcello Bachechi, Walter Tommasi, Luca Ban and Ben Hong


vue-styleguidist takes the results of vue-docgen-api and creates a website to showcase and develop components.

vue-docgen-api parses vue components and load their documentation in a JavaScript object.

vue-inbrowser-compiler takes vue components code written in es6 and uses buble to make it compatible with all browser.

vue-cli-plugin-styleguidist configures vue-styleguidist to work with vue-cli 3.

vue-docgen-cli is a command line interface generating documentation files automatically from vue-docgen-api. Generate markdown by default but can be configured to generate whatever text format you desire.


Docs are available at - we are still working on refining it and contributions are welcome!


Please see contributing guide.

Note that the current monorepo relies on yarn workspaces. Don't forget to install yarn, npm i --global yarn, before cloning.

Authors and license

Artem Sapegin, Rafael Escala, Bart Ledoux, react-styleguidist contributors and vue-styleguidist contributors. Thanks to the team of react-styleguidist for the amazing tool.

We work on this project because we love the open-source community and learn new things.

Logo by Benjamin Cognard.


MIT License