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Vue Vine


Another style of writing Vue components.

Why this ?

There are many discussions in community that hopes for a solution that supports writing multiple Vue components in a single file. That's why Vue Vine was born.

Check more details in our documentation. Netlify Status

Vue Vine was designed to provide more flexibility of managing Vue components. It is a parallel style to SFC.

Take a quick view:

Quick view


# If you didn't install `@antfu/ni` yet, I highly recommend you to install it.
ni -D vue-vine

Use the plugin in vite.config.ts:

import { VineVitePlugin } from 'vue-vine/vite'

export default defineConfig({
  plugins: [
    // ...Other plugins

Try the demo

warning: For now, Vue Vine is still under heavy development, please don't use it in production.

You can try the demo by following steps:

For development environment setup, first you need to get the VSCode extension bundle ouput.

git clone
cd vue-vine
pnpm install

# Build all the required packages
pnpm run build

# Start watching the VSCode extension's building
pnpm run ext:dev

After building the VSCode extension, you can open the 'Debug' tab in VSCode, and start the 'Run Vine Extension' debug session.


Then start the Playground's dev server in another terminal session.

pnpm run play
  1. You can see the demo in http://localhost:3333/.
  2. You can inspect the transforming process in http://localhost:3333/__inspect/