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đź“„ Mongolian translation of official documentation site for Vue.js.
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This site is built with hexo. Site content is written in Markdown format located in src. Pull requests welcome!


$ npm install
$ npm start # dev server at http://localhost:4000


The site is automatically deployed when commits land in master, via Netlify.

If you are the maintainer of a community translation fork and would like to deploy via Netlify instead of GitHub pages, please ping @yyx990803 in an issue to request a Netlify team membership and DNS update.

On Translations

Translations for this documentation project are currently maintained in separate repositories forked from this original one.


Arabic translation is maintained by Interstellar Club


French translation is maintained by Vuejs-FR.



Japanese translation is maintained by Vue.js japan user group


Korean translation is maintained by Vue.js Korean User group.


Persian (Farsi)

Persian translation is maintained by VueJS-fa.


PortuguĂŞs-Br translation is maintained by Vuejs-Br.


Russian translation is maintained by Translation Gang.


1950Labs & Vue.js Montevideo:


Vietnamese translation is maintained by Vue.js Vietnam User group.

Want to help with the translation?

If you feel okay with translating quite alone, you can fork the repo, post a comment on the Community Translation Announcements issue page to inform others that you're doing the translation and go for it.

If you are more of a team player, Translation Gang might be for you. Let us know somehow that you're ready to join this international open-source translators community. Feel free to contact Grigoriy Beziuk or anybody else from the team.

And thank you in advance ;)

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