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🛠️ The recommended way to start a Vite-powered Vue project


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The recommended way to start a Vite-powered Vue project


To create a new Vue project using create-vue, simply run the following command in your terminal:

npm create vue@latest


(@latest or @legacy) MUST NOT be omitted, otherwise npm may resolve to a cached and outdated version of the package.

Or, if you need to support IE11, you can create a Vue 2 project with:

npm create vue@legacy

Difference from Vue CLI

  • Vite-Powered: Vue CLI is based on webpack, while create-vue is based on Vite. Vite supports most of the configured conventions found in Vue CLI projects out of the box, and provides a significantly better development experience due to its extremely fast startup and hot-module replacement speed. Learn more about why we recommend Vite over webpack here.

  • Scaffolding Tool: Unlike Vue CLI, create-vue itself is just a scaffolding tool. It creates a pre-configured project based on the features you choose, and delegates the rest to Vite. Projects scaffolded this way can directly leverage the Vite plugin ecosystem which is Rollup-compatible.

Migrating from Vue CLI

If you're transitioning from Vue CLI to Create Vue, we've got you covered. Here are some resources to help you with the migration: How to Migrate from Vue CLI to Vite

  • Vue CLI to Vite Migration Guide: A comprehensive guide on migrating from Vue CLI to Vite, available on
  • Tools and Plugins for Migration: For a smoother transition, check out the list of tools and plugins designed to assist with the migration process on the Awesome Vite GitHub page.