⚙️ Browser devtools extension for debugging Vue.js applications.
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Important Usage Notes

  1. If the page uses a production/minified build of Vue.js, devtools inspection is disabled by default so the Vue pane won't show up.

  2. To make it work for pages opened via file:// protocol, you need to check "Allow access to file URLs" for this extension in Chrome's extension management panel.

Open component in editor

To enable this feature, follow this guide.

Manual Installation

This is only necessary when you want to build the extension yourself from source to get not-yet-released features.

Make sure you are using Node 6+ and NPM 3+

  1. Clone this repo
  2. npm install (Or yarn install if you are using yarn as the package manager)
  3. npm run build
  4. Open Chrome extension page
  5. Check "developer mode"
  6. Click "load unpacked extension", and choose shells/chrome.


  1. Clone this repo
  2. npm install
  3. npm run dev
  4. A plain shell with a test app will be available at localhost:8100.

Testing as Firefox addon

  1. Install web-ext

    $ npm install --global web-ext

    Or, for Yarn:

    $ yarn global add web-ext

    Also, make sure PATH is set up. Something like this in ~/.bash_profile:

    $ PATH=$PATH:$(yarn global bin)
  2. Build and run in Firefox

    $ npm run build
    $ npm run run:firefox

    When using Yarn, just replace npm with yarn.

Common problems and how to fix

  1. Fixing "Download the Vue Devtools for a better development experience" console message when working locally over file:// protocol: 1.1 - Google Chrome: Right click on vue-devtools icon and click "Manage Extensions" then search for vue-devtools on the extensions list. Check the "Allow access to file URLs" box.

  2. How to use the devtools in IE/Edge/Safari or any other browser? Get the standalone Electron app (works with any environment!)