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Add section about handling loading state to lazy-loading doc #2140

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Just for now

@@ -45,3 +45,52 @@ const Baz = () => import(/* webpackChunkName: "group-foo" */ './Baz.vue')

webpack will group any async module with the same chunk name into the same async chunk.

### Handling Loading State

Async component factories can also [return an object](, specifying alternative components to use when loading or if an error occurs. This is a great way to improve user experience on slow or intermittent connections.

Unfortunately, routes can currently only resolve to a single component in Vue Router. So to make this work, you'll need a helper function to create an intermediary component, like this:

function lazyLoadView (AsyncView) {
const AsyncHandler = () => ({
component: AsyncView,
// A component to use while the component is loading.
loading: require('./Loading.vue').default,
// A fallback component in case the timeout is exceeded
// when loading the component.
error: require('./Timeout.vue').default,
// Delay before showing the loading component.
// Default: 200 (milliseconds).
delay: 400,
// Time before giving up trying to load the component.
// Default: Infinity (milliseconds).
timeout: 10000
return Promise.resolve({
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posva Apr 4, 2018


Doesn't it work without returning a promise and just doing component: lazyLoadView(...)

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chrisvfritz Apr 4, 2018

Author Member

If the import(...) isn't behind a function to be evaluated later, won't all the chunks be downloaded at startup time, regardless of whether the user needs them?

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blake-newman Apr 4, 2018


As what I know only on execution its fetched (always forget how it works)

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blake-newman Apr 4, 2018


So ies needs to be in a function, so it is only fetched when needed

functional: true,
render (h, { data, children }) {
// Transparently pass any props or children
// to the view component.
return h(AsyncHandler, data, children)

Then you can pass the `import()` to `lazyLoadView` for smarter, lazy-loaded view components:

const router = new VueRouter({
routes: [
path: '/foo',
component: () => lazyLoadView(import('./Foo.vue'))

> WARNING: Components loaded with this strategy will **not** have access to in-component guards, such as `beforeRouteEnter`, `beforeRouteUpdate`, and `beforeRouteLeave`. If you need to use these, you must either use route-level guards instead or lazy-load the component directly, without handling loading state.
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