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@lmiller1990 lmiller1990 released this
· 200 commits to dev since this release
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It's here πŸŽ‰


  • add support of arbitrary mounting point via attachTo option (#1492)
    feat: stub out transitions by default (#1411)
  • feat(test-utils): add 'overview' function (#1491)
  • return nextTick from setters

You may now await methods that update the DOM, where you would have used nextTick before. #1517. For example:

// before
await wrapper.vm.$nextTick()

// after
await wrapper.trigger('click')


  • This is v1, and some methods will be deprecated moving forward as per this RFC. (#1518) Warnings have been added. You can disable these warnings with config.showDeprecationWarnings:
import { config } from `@vue/test-utils`

config.showDeprecationWarnings = false

There are some bugs that may never be fixed, or require a significant rethink of the architecture. This release does not reflect a perfect library, but one that is stable and unlikely to change or go away anytime soon. Significant changes will now go via the RFC process. Finally, we will continue to update the library - 1.0 does not mean "done and dusted".

We are working on support for Vue 3! Find it here.

Thanks to all the contributors who helped us finally hit the 1.0.0 πŸ––